Thursday, July 8, 2010

Week Two of Camp Scrap

Another week finished at Camp Scrap...having fun, wish you were here...

And, look Mom, look at what I made at camp!

Thursday: "Paint Splatter"-Designer Idea
I'm not sure I am completely happy with the right-hand page...I may need to rework this with larger pictures to balance everything out more...still pondering this...

I journaled this right on top of the picture. I love my new brown Micron pen!

Friday: Sketch Layout

Monday: Layout Recipe
I wish I still had ripe cherries on my trees...I guess I will have to settle for store bought Raniers....yummmmmm

On a side note here...I am loving making my journaling in strips. I get to include handwritten journals, in all their left-handed messiness, but if I make a writo (you know writographical error) I can just jump down a bit and start that line over...and no one is the wiser...

Tuesday: Design with a Pro
Um, this is least I journaled the story behind the pictures!

The dog again...he ate my homework...again...
Wednesday: Journal Prompt

I do plan on going back and doing both of the missed journal prompt pages (this Wednesday's and last Wednesday's)...but I am stewing over the prompts and deciding what I want to document...

Still having fun, though!

Hope you had a creative week too!

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  1. Wow you have been busy.
    These are all beautiful layouts.