Monday, July 19, 2010

Camp Scrap Week 3....

So Week 3 of Camp Scrap has come to a close (actually it closed last Wednesday....I'm a bit late posting this)...and everything has been so hectic, I'm falling a bit behind!

Anyway...on to the assignments...

Thursday's Email: Ali Edwards' Digital Layout
I didn't make my layout digital, just plain ole paper and embellies...I like the feel of paper too much to turn this simple layout, though, and finally got to scrapping these pictures which have been hanging around for a few years...waiting for inspiration (or time???).

Friday's Email: Sketch
Christmas 2009...I used my Silhouette to cut the Christmas tree and jingle this paper line from Basic Grey, I think it is called Dasher...or maybe Figgy Pudding...can't remember...I really should write these things down...

Saturday's Email (homework on Saturday?!?!?): Sketch
More Christmas 2009...this sketch was a double-play on Friday's sketch. It is one of Fridays pages turned 90 degrees...

I'm still ruminating on Monday's assignment...I think I might try to dig out some old un-scrapped pictures from a few years ago...
Monday's Email: Recipe

In progress...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Tuesday's Email: Artistic Idea

Wednesday's Email: Journal Prompt ("now & then")
Pictures of our Rooster Cogburn from July 2009 when he came to live with us and July of this year. He has definitely grown in the past year, he's 11 lbs...but still so tiny compared to Bonnie and Clyde!

So that is Week 3 in a nut shell!

I did go back and finish a layout from Week 2 that I had skipped.

Week 2 Wednesday Email: Journal Prompt
The prompt was to scrap a layout of someone you love...that was a hard choice, but in the end Daisy (who I really miss) won out. This is a really old photo that I do not have the negative for, and the scanned image is so bad that I can't make it very big...I played around a bit with doodling on the page, so it would be fun and funky...just like Little Miss Daisy May!

So we are currently in the middle of Week 4...and I am pretty much on track with these projects...all in all, including this weeks assignments, I have five layouts to finish (one from Week 1, two from Week 3 and two from Week 4).

Tonight I plan on diving into my big ole box of pictures to see whats left in need of scrapping...there should be some oldies but goodies in there...

I recently cleaned/organized all my scrap supplies, but have been dreading going through te box of photos...I guess there is no time like the present...just bite the bullet, put on some good old Louis Prima tunes, grab a Venti Iced Americano and get her done!

Maybe I can even take a picture or two and scrap the project....

Or is that just another crazy idea!


  1. Great layouts all - I am especially inspired by the Daisy one. How you found time to do all those assignments and then clean and organize is beyond me. Well done!

  2. Wow, You've gotten a lot done. They are all great.

  3. I'm glad I popped over to visit -- I missed a lot of these in the gallery (everyone has been really prolific!). I love your Frugal Friday posts -- I'm a new Cuttlebug owner and hadn't tried cutting fabric -- I'm now inspired, thanks to your post. :-) ~ Laura (Bookworm)

  4. Your blog is great. It's been a blast in Camp Scrap. I'm going to miss it and all the wonderful inspiration I would find in the galleries. Hope to see you in another BPS class in the future. Happy scrapping! Debbie P

  5. ahhh I love that Daisy LO...that's amazing :) so fun!

  6. Beautiful layouts! I really love the Daisy one, I wish I had made it :-)
    Lots of love /Veronica, fellow camper

  7. Great layouts - I was a lot lazier at camp, it seems ;) Congrats on getting so much accomplished! See you in the next one.

    Love your blog banner, BTW!

  8. wow! I justs love your work! and all your LO's are just lovely and creative. well done & hope to catch up again some time - love from Aussie downunder :)

  9. You have been busy.
    Love all of your layouts.