Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Finish No. 2 - 3 Q

This is my second Scrappy Trip Around the World from Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trip tutorial.  This time I decided to raid my stash of red and white 2 1/2" strips and make a Scrappy Trip Irish Chain.

The project, ongoing as an in-between project since 2015, finally came to an end this year when I realized I had made 42 blocks!  i was shooting for a nice large lap quilt...I ended up with a really large lap quilt!

I'm so in love with it...it's my new favorite!

So many old fav-fabrics in here...

and cute little heads popping up unexpectedly...

and kitties galore!

I'm anxious to get this one washed and crinkled...and on the couch with a good book!

Some Stats for the quilt:
Size: 72" X 84"
Quilting: Cross Hatching
Started: 04/26/15
Finished: 08/07/17
Fabric Used: The top is all scrappy stash, the backing is a wide backing by Connecting Threads

This makes finish #9 for 2017...and 42 remaining UFO's (23 remaining on the 3rd Q List)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Finish No.1 - 3rd Q

Packing up my sewing room for our (ongoing) move was the perfect time to start several new scrap/stash buster quilt tops...right?

It seemed perfectly acceptable to waste spend time petting, loving and re-visiting all the beautiful fabric I have while boxing them up for an undetermined amount of time...and just as acceptable to set aside lovely little stacks of coordinated bundles to admire...

Which, of course, leads to starting new projects...

 Normal, right?

And who doesn't read Crazy Mom Quilt's blog, see her Big Nines tutorial, and run home immediately after work and start making some Big Nines of their own...

Please tell me it's not just me...

Well, anyway...I did and piecing the center nine-patch units was unbelievable relaxing and just what I needed during the great moving purge-and-pack of 2017.  Not to mention how satisfying it was to use 25 fat quarters from my stash.  (Well, 24...the top left block is from my friend's stash...)

Realizing the top is decidedly picnic-esque...

...and coincidentally coinciding with Stitched in Color's picnic blanket sew-a-long in July, my Big Nines top was meant to be a picnic-blanket!

I used a medium weight canvas from Joann's Fabric (on sale...score!) for the backing.

Now I just need to find time to go picnicking!

Some Stats for the quilt blanket:
Size: 80" X 80"
Quilting: none
Started: 05/22/17
Finished: 07/16/17
Fabric Used: The top is all scrappy stash, the backing is a canvas by Waverly that was on sale a Joann's.

Full Disclosure:  I had to bribe my mom's dog, Max, with cookies to venture onto the blanket for a picture...he wasn't real happy about being outside in 100+ degree weather having his picture taken.

This makes finish #8 for 2017...and 43 remaining UFO's (24 remaining on the 3rd Q List)

Friday, July 7, 2017

2017 3rd Quarter Finish Along

I can't believe the 3rd quarter of 2017 is already here!  It feels like I just put away the Christmas decorations....and then POOF!....it's July!

I did pretty good last quarter, all the hectic events considered...and I have a feeling this quarter is going to be just as busy!

My 3rd Quarter Finish-A-Long projects, just 25 this time!  This quarter I am going to, again, try to focus on quilting instead of piecing...

Cat Chevron, Pink Cats, FQS 2014 Mystery, FQS Snapshots, Oh My Stars, Blue Geese, Dapper Dan, Batik Chevron, Box Lunch, Kaffe Ribbons, Hawaiian 1600, Apple Stars, Scrappy Paths, Feathered Star Pillow, Red Chain, Log Cabin, Adore floral, En Provence Variation, Christmas Geese, You+Me Batik, Round Robin, Kaffe Lattice, Canoe Ridge, Hourglass Leaders/Enders, Tabby Road, Big Nines Picnic Quilt
Of the 25 UFO's on my list, five need bindings (as soon as they come back from the quilter), four have the quilting started (all of them were on last quarter's list too!), one is basted and ready to quilt, ten have backings made and are ready to be basted (still need to buy more batting), two need a backing made, and three are still being pieced into tops.

I know I won't really get all theses done, even by a long shot!  But a girl can dream...I really want to focus on quilting over piecing this quarter...and really, as long as I make some progress, I'm happy!

Wish me luck!  And I wish all of the FAL-ers luck this quarter!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

2017 Second Quarter Round-up

I really have had a lot going on this last couple of months...finishing up a big annual fundraiser, packing our house, finding temporary housing when our new-old house got trashed (I mean trashed!  As in everything needed to be gutted...down to the studs!), and a machine that needed time at the repair shop!

Sewing got kinda put on the back burner in mid-May....but I did squeeze out a few finishes!

So here is the list from the 2nd Quarter:

And the progress made this quarter...

Diamond Tread: Finished!

Chevron Cats: Sent to Missouri Star Quilt Co. for quilting

FQS Snapshots: I started the embroidery for the label...as soon as that's done I can finish piecing the backing and get it basted.  I think this one will be fun to quilt!

Blue Geese: Sent to Missouri Star Quilt Co. for quilting

Kaffe Ribbons: Sent to Missouri Star Quilt Co. for quilting

You+Me Batik: I got this one basted!

En Provence Variation: I finished most of the quilting...maybe 95%...I just have a few places I want to add a bit more, and then it needs to be bound.  I "gave" this to my mom for Mother's Day...and promised I would have it finished before next Mother's Day!

Batik Chevron: Sent to Missouri Star Quilt Co. for quilting

Red Chain: I have about 75% of the quilting done...

Adore Floral: This one's quilting is about 80% done...

Shoo Fly: Finished!

Color Weave: Finished!

Kaffe Lattice: Sent to Missouri Star Quilt Co. for quilting

Canoe Ridge: Sent back to the scrap basket...just not liking it, the original was great, my version...not so much!

Pins and Paws: Finished!

...And I started three new tops, an Hourglass small quilt from a MSQ tutorial, a quilt using my Tabby Road Fat Quarter Pack, and a picnic quilt using Crazy Mom Quilt's Big Nine block.

I love quilting!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Finish No. 3 - 2nd Q

This quilt has been a long time coming.  I bought the pattern, Diamond Tread, when it was released back in June of 2013...and then the fabric shortly thereafter from Connecting Threads.

Sun Kissed Harvest from Connecting Threads
But it just sat waiting to be made...fast-forward three years to 2016... I got all the fabric cut...and a year later, finally got it pieced, quilted and bound.

When I was laying out the pieces, an evil necessity with this pattern, it started to look rather masculine and kinda camo-ey, which was great since Jon needed a new quilt.  Lee Henrich's version of her quilt doesn't look masculine, but she is definitely right, the pattern looks exactly like industrial diamond tread, and with the grays, drab green and orange in the fabric...bingo!

I removed the sunflower and the pumpkin prints from my layout and all of a sudden the orange tree print looked so much like hunter's wear, it was just meant to be.  I backed the quilt it with a orange camo fluffy fleece and it make the perfect gift.

I used a piped binding again, but tried something new.  I used the background fabric at the main binding color with a tiny gray piped piece.  I like the way it looks...the thin thin line just in from the edge really emphasizes the negative space in the quilt.

Some Stats for the quilt:
Size: 54" X 76"
Quilting: Straight line quilting on my Pfaff
Started: 03/20/16
Finished: 04/17/17
Fabric Used: Connecting Threads  (very old line, whose name escapes me)

This makes finish #6 for 2017...and 45 remaining UFO's (312 remaining on the 2nd Q List)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Finish No. 4 - 2nd Q

One of my favorite breaks at work are for the weekly MSQC Tutorials.  (Do you have the app?  The app quacks when the new tutorial is loaded!  Awesome!)

There have been several tutorials that have me itching to get home and into the sewing room...The Whimsical Shoofly (my version here), The Starburst Quilt (mine here), The Super Easy Hourglass (mine's not done yet....it's a leader ender project)...and The Pins and Paws quilt.

This one might be my favorite.

I'm a sucker for all things cat!

I made my Pins and Paws quilt for this years Cat Tales Rescue silent auction.  This is really a fun pattern, and so easy to whip up in a hurry!  And since I put off starting the quilt until two months before the fundraiser, it's a good thing it was quick!

I did the quilting myself at home.  I had such plans for free-motion quilting swirls and loops that looked like balls of yarn, but my big Pfaff had other plans and checked into the machine doctor's for a couple of weeks right when I needed to get this done.

So I turned to my little Pfaff and the every-easy ever-fast overall orange peel pattern...done and done!

This quilt turned out just sweet as can be...I may need to make another one to keep!

Some Stats for the quilt:
Size: 68" X 77"
Quilting: Really big Orange Peel quilting on my little Pfaff
Started: 03/20/17
Finished: 05/05/17 (the night before the fundraiser!)
Fabric Used: Some stash and some purchased from Joann's with this quilt in mind.

This makes finish #7 for 2017...and 44 remaining UFO's (30 remaining on the 2nd Q List)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Finish No.2 - 2nd Q

Finish #2 this quarter is based on Missouri Star Quilt Company's Whimsical Shoo-Fly pattern, and used my left over Momo Flying Colors layer cake squares, plus two matching 10" squares I cut from my stash.

To make this quilt and the Color Weave quilt you need a total of 44 layer cake squares.  They are perfect companion lap quilts!  I made a pair of them at Christmastime last year for my nieces...the fabrics match, but the quilts are different!  Perfect for sisters!

For my version of the quilt, I added 2" sashing between the Shoo-Flys with pinwheel cornerstones made from the cut-offs from the Shoo-Fly HST units.

I backed the quilt with this cute bicycle fabric from my stash.  Between this and the Color Weave quilt the only fabric I purchased was for binding...which, in the end, was the wrong color...so I used stash!  Woo-hoo!  Stash Busting!

I sent this quilt into MSQC for quilting, using the Dragonflies and Flowers pattern.

Some Stats for the quilt:
Size: 56" X 66"
Quilting: MSQC - Dragonflies and Flowers
Started: 10/25/16
Finished: 04/17/17
Fabric Used: All stash - 100%!

This makes finish #5 for 2017...and 45 remaining UFO's (32 remaining on the 2nd Q List)