Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obligations…and Other Compulsive Acts

I realized quite some time ago I am full of great ideas, brilliant plans and wonderful thoughts. But today I have to admit, these ideas always take longer than I think they will and I am not really a very patient person.

That being said, a few months ago I signed up for four swaps on the website 2Peas in a Bucket…one swap was for five (5) ATC cards – "vintage" theme, and the other three swaps were for a set of six (6) cards each in a “paint” theme, “sewing” theme and “embossing” theme. Well the ideas just came flooding into my brain…and I even sketched a few ideas out on paper…and they were great! Wow, this was going to be a breeze.

But did I ever stop to consider that I signed up for all of this right before the holidays? No. And so there the ideas and sketches sat…and sat…and waited… I figured the idea was going to be the hard part…so I kept putting off making the stuff…and then the stuff started to get in my way (I have other things to do!)…and then the stuff became an irritation…and I ignored them. When I finally got around to starting them, they took a lot longer to do than I had anticipated…(ideas, for me at least, are not the hard part!)

But last night, I dragged myself out to the studio and set about getting things done. Once I got started, yeah it took a while, but I finished most of the projects up, and feel better now about honoring my obligations…

Maybe I need a bigger sketchbook and a team of assistants…maybe then, I can empty my idea bucket and all my little projects will come to fruition…

Or maybe I need to stop having ideas...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Automatic Toilets and Other Modern Conveniences...

So here we are at the close of another year, and I feel like I need to start on a new journey. It seems to me that in this past year I have tried out a few new things...all modern conveniences.

I opened a Facebook account, my friends made me sign up for IM (so now they know how late I usually get to work), I bought a Blackberry and now I am not only always reachable by phone (if I actually answer, I have caller ID)..I also get all of my emails 24/7 (including those pesky ones for work...sigh)...I started texting with the new phone too...I have dipped my toe into the world wide web. I am always accessible.

So this has gotten me thinking...out there, somewhere, someone is always looking for something...something to read, something to look at...something. I have always thought, "I don't have anything to offer." But maybe I I am opening up and starting a blog. And really, worse case, I send a link to my blog to my mom (she just learned how to use the computer) and she can see all the fun things I am making in my studio, or I am doing in the garden, or how I really feel about the new Automatic Toilets that were installed in my office building.

For now, I will just leave this as a welcome to anyone who browses by...come back soon...I will post some projects I am working on, let you know how the cats and dogs are doing...and I promise a nice long dissertation on How I feel About Automatic Toilets.