Thursday, June 3, 2010

Typos, Mis-Sizing...and Other Scrapping Disasters

A few weeks ago I came across a really cute 2-page layout on Scrapbooks, Etc.'s website that I thought would be perfect for my Easter pictures. So I printed out the sketch and proceeded to size and print my photos according to the sizes indicated on the sketch. That weekend, at an all day crop, I was devastated (okay...that may be a strong word here...) to find that the original sketch and photo-sizes were for an 8 1/2 X 11 2-page layout...but I pressed on and put the pages together.

I was very disappointed....the pictures are just lost on the pages!

So back to the drawing board...I used MS Excel and re-made the sketch on my own, figuring out the correct photo sizes, so that the overall layout was the my pictures and finally got the pages re-done this past weekend (re-using the original backgrounds...and saving time).

I'm much happier now. And there is even room for journaling (which I'm saving for later!)

Lesson learned: when using sketches from websites, even if the photo sizes are indicated...double check them! Do the math, and save yourself some trouble....

Or better yet, stick to making your own sketches!

Which doesn't always work....

Second story:

I made a little sketch, again using MS Excel, for some cute pictures I took of my cat Rooster on the balcony. I agonized over what sizes to make the pictures, what paper to use, how to embellish and how to edit the much planning...

I started putting the page together at a scrap over at my friends house...and finished up everything but the was turning out great. I have been trying to do more journalling on my pages this year...telling more stories...and doing it in my own handwriting (which can be very messy)...

So I embarked on the journal spot...and not paying attention to what I was doing (or maybe talking too much) I meant to write the word "occasionally"...but somewhere in the room at that exact moment someone was saying the word "additionally"...and yep, that's what got written in the journal spot. I tried to fix it...but to no avail! So in frustration, I set the page aside for a couple of weeks to sulk!

Then last week I used my Silhouette to cut out some butterfly shapes...cleverly hid the 'typo' (or should that be a 'write-o', since I was technically writing...?)...

And here is the fix...

I'm pleased!

The butterflies are three dimensional...I really like them! (But ignore the page warp from painting...I am still working out this issue!)

And is another quick page I threw together last night (the muse was working...and I had to take her up on it!)

It is based on a Sunday Sketch over at TES...

I'm pleased! I just l-o-v-e the look on my youngest niece's face, holding her fork like a grown-up...ain't she cute! (She's two, by the way...)

It feels good to be pleased with my layouts lately...hopefully I can keep up the flow of work!

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  1. Your layouts are awesome. Ok someone else like me that is a perfectionist teehee.
    I love those butterflies, Love that layout.
    Your niece is so cute.