Monday, June 7, 2010

Cherry Harvest...and Other Garden Updates

So this weekend I harvested the first big batch of cherries. I got out a step stool and picked all the cherries I could reach on one of our two trees. The second tree isn't quite ready yet, maybe this coming weekend (or better yet, it would be perfect to harvest for father's dad loves cherries!)

They sure are sweet!

The veggies are doing okay...there are definite signs of slow growth...nothing like my friend's garden, which looks more like a miniature farm!

But the signs are there...



pumpkin (my original pumkin died...this is a re-plant)

Zuchini (see the squash blosoms...almost ready to open)

And I think I may be able to harvest some radishes soon...with enough summer left to plant some more!

Ain't she sweet?

I finally cleared the ground for the third raised bed, and hopefully I can get that built and placed this week. I have an eggplant that really needs to get in the is starting to bloom!

With all these pictures, just dying to get printed, I really need to get my Garden Journal finished...maybe tonight...

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  1. I would love your cherry....trees LOL.
    I really love cherries. Your garden is growing nicely.