Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something Creative Everyday...almost

I wanted to do something creative everyday...that was a goal for 2010.

I doesn't always come to fruition...chores and work quite often get in the way....

But I'm trying...

This past weekend I made time to be in my studio, even if only for an hour, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! It felt great!

I worked on this a bit...that a bit...and even started a couple new projects...

I enjoyed myself!

I finished these invitations to a 4th of July party my mom is having...simple and cute!

Complete with matching envelopes...

Tomorrow I will show you the gardening journal I started...and the beginnings of my 2010 Harvest Mini album! (I'm cheering for my veggies!)


  1. You are always such an incredible inspiration!!! I LOVE reading about all your projects and you are a life (and money) saver with your experiments and ideas!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  2. Those invitations are sooo adorable.
    Funny as one of my goals this year was to be creative everyday. Ya that was a big FAIL. LOL