Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sweet Cherries...and Other Signs of Summer!

So I can't say that the veggie garden is a booming success...just yet...time will tell. If we could please have some sun here...maybe they would grow!

But on the cherry front...all is well! I ate my first home grown cherry on Monday...Yumm-y!

From the first day I saw the cherry blossoms...I was salivating!

And then when I saw them hanging there in all their green baby cherry glory...I started to get really excited!

And then this weekend...they were red! And delicious! I could only reach three ripe cherries, but they were the best ever! So I'm off to home now to get out the ladder and pick the rest of the ripe cherries before the birds get them!

And I'm imagining a great cherry page layout here...maybe I will do some sketching and planning tonight, too!


  1. OMG You have you own cherry tree. I am so jelous.
    Enjoy them