Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mini Albums Galore!

I have a few mini albums that I have been working on...and off...and on again!

Some are definitely ongoing projects, like my Garden Journal and Harvest Mini Album...and I am making progress with them.

Here is the bare bones of the Garden Journal...

I still need to embellish and title the front cover...the paper I used is this really lovely handmade paper with flower petals...

The metal corners are from Tim Holtz...I love these (in fact I thought they were so cool, I bought two packages!)

I still need to print and add the pictures from the last few months, but the pages are there with a few notes. I used heavy kraft cardstock for the dividers for each month and added a calendar to the backside of each of those....with a cute little mr. greenjeans stamp I found...

I'm trying to keep up with writing down what has been S-L-O-W-L-Y happening in the veggie patch...and hopefully at the end of the season I will have a nice record of all the right and wrong things I did with my first veggie garden.

I also have started the harvest mini album (I'm staying positive!)...this one is taking a longtime to get the bare bones together...but still, it's progressing...

For this one I am making a book that will sit inside a slipcase box and will look like a recipe file.

I cut the file folders on my Silhouette

and hand-sewed each one onto an accordion spine...that will be glued into a hard case cover...

I'm really enjoying how this mini is coming together...I just with the veggies would come along as well!

Be creative!

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  1. What a good idea, documenting your garden every month. Love that idea. I would only need about 3 month for mine teehee.
    I agree those Tim Holtz corners are beautiful. I haven't found them here though. We never get any good stuff, I have to go away on holiday again to get me some cool goodies :)