Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thinking Outside the Box…and Other Uses for Empty Matchboxes

I have a candle on my bathroom counter (thanks Trixie!) that I light every morning while I am getting ready for work. The other day, I used the last match in the matchbox and was just about to toss the empty box out when I realized I could alter it (and since I am on a no buy kick…I am trying to find new and interesting things to use from around the house…)

So I stewed on it for a bit, and came up with a super cute idea (if I do say so myself)…I decorated the matchbox to use as a frame…

Okay, so maybe the idea is not completely original, but here is my take on it anyway…

Here are the supplies I used...

  • 6X6 papers from SEI
  • Misc. rhinestones
  • Pearl-head straight pin
  • ribbon
  • Misc. metal embellishments
  • CTMH stamp and black Archival ink
  • Zip Dry glue
  • and one empty matchbox (from Morton's Steakhouse...yummm!)

I measured the matchbox and cut a piece of paper to wrap around the outside, making sure the paper was long enough to overlap on one side. I started attaching the paper just below the edge of the firts side (hope you can see that in the picture below). I used Zip Dry to attach the paper (it is my new favorite glue!)

Then I cut a strip of paper to fit on the inside edges (measure the height of your edge and add ¼” to lap onto the bottom of the box), scored it and snipped small triangles out where the strip would overlap on the bottom.

I punched small holes on each end of the slider box and added ribbon “handles”.

Then I just decorated the top…with whatever I had on hand.

Add a small photo to the bottom of the slider box…( I still have to print out a picture for mine, just imagine a really cute picture of me and Jon there)…and there you have it. This one will be a small Valentines present for my sweetheart!

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