Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch…and Other Social Gatherings

This past Saturday I went to another all-day scrap with Scrap Again. Scrap Again has been hosting scrap for about six months now…and I think they are improving with each hosted scrap.

Starting this year their scraps are at a local hotel, an okay venue, but the room we were in was a bit out-in-the-open…I mean this bunch of ladies can get pretty loud, so I felt kinda bad for some of the hotel guests. I mean, isn’t there always the one scrapper who doesn’t have a silent eyelet setter…and of course they decide to use it at 9pm…really?!?!...in the atrium of a hotel…well, there is always one.

Anyway, public scrapping…I really enjoy this type of gathering, with all the different people with all different styles of scrapping, but I think I prefer my little group of girlfriends and the quiet silliness we have when we get together.

One of my favorite parts of hosted scraps, or just get-togethers with the girls, is the prep…I know, it sounds funny, but it’s true! It’s like the lead up to Christmas…the shopping (sigh, only 26 more days!), the planning, the packing and the sleepless night before-hand…dreaming of all the layouts I will finish!

My girlfriends and I have almost perfected the pre-scrap packing. About a year ago, I borrowed a layout from a friend that she had gotten as a kit. I copied the idea of the “kit” and packed together all the parts and pieces I needed in one little folder. And then I became addicted to the “kit”. I loved the idea of having all the embellishments and papers in a folder, along with the pictures all ready to go…so was born our mutual addiction to “kit”-ing. And since we meet once a month at rotating houses…packing well and light is essential (to the health of our backs…and shoulders…and arms…).

And of course now we are the few scrappers who enter a scrap with a shoulder bag of layout “kits” and a small table-top bag of general tools, inks and adhesives. And we are very productive…I got 13 layouts (two-pages each) at Scrap Again’s October 2009 scrap!

I won’t go into details on “kit”-ing…my friend Trish, a design team member for Scrap Again, will be teaching a class on it at February’s scrap….I highly recommend attending!

Back to last Saturday’s scrap…and the loud eyelet setter...sigh. Like all social gatherings, I think there should be a set of unspoken (but understood) rules…and if you have a few minutes, check out this forum on 2Ps on what not to do at a scrap…pretty funny stuff:Funny Forum.

I did manage to get a few layouts done (can’t reveal them here though, I am going to be submitting them to a contest…top secret stuff) and I finally finished my “25 Days of Christmas” mini-album…whew! Here are a few pictures of the mini…

And on last picture...a close-up of the cute mini-album stamp I bought from Catslife Press.

I think I love making minis…and have a few ideas queuing up in my head…stay tuned.

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