Thursday, January 14, 2010

Layout Submitted...and Other Scary Things

Well...I did it!

I submitted a scrapbook layout to a Becky Fleck page call for Page Maps. Whew! I can't divulge the layout yet...I have to wait until I hear from them, so check back around the end of the month...

I would love to be picked, in addition to having the layout posted on her website I would win $50! (Of course there are still 24 days before I could spend the money on anything crafty...sigh!) But I am most excited that I finally did it...put something out the big-bad scrapbook world...well the scrapbook world is really a bit more warm and fuzzy than that, but you get the point...

I'll admit, I'm a bit nervous and excited...what if they laugh when they see it (well, if they do, I guess I'll never know since I won't be there...) I just need to go chin-up and keep submitting, ignoring the potential for laughter, 'cause really, I just do this for me!

Until I can reveal the is one I did about Sam:

Well..I think I'll go hug the dogs and cats...and start working on my next submission...

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