Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stretching a Dollar...and Other Daily Exercises

So, my ban on buying crafting supplies has come to an end (as of midnight Sunday, February 7th). I thought Michael's would have been my first order of business come Monday, but I still haven't gone...hmmm.

I actually found it nice to really go through all of my accumulated supplies and 'shop' at home. I finally used some of my patterned papers that have been sitting on the shelf...for who knows how long!

So the final stats on the no-buy campaign:
Cards completed: 24 (4 sets of 6)
Layouts completed: 9 (all one page each)
Misc. Projects completed: 2 (matchbox frame and a notebook)
Knitted Scarves completed: 3
Knitted washclothes completed: 4
Supplies depleted: none (not surprising!)
Money spent $0.00

I have impressed myself, if no one else!

So even though the spending freeze is over...I think I will stick it out a bit longer, and try not to shop just for shopping's sake. (I think I have grown...sigh!)

On another note...I submitted to nine scrapbook calls, contests or challenges in January...didn't win any, but I'm still plugging along with several more to do for February.

One of my favorite layouts submitted was to the Page Maps page call I mentioned last month...well, I didn't win...but the upside is I can post my layout here for everyone to see.

So with that said...I'm off to the studio to get some more work done!

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  1. I am not as strong as you. Today February 10th I purchased a new paper piercer to replace the broken one but funny enough with all the new stuff in the store I didn't buy a single extra thing. Just window shopped.