Friday, February 19, 2010

Great Customer Service....and Other Rarities

I bought a Silhouette SD cutting machine, oh...about a year ago. I was sort of happy with with it, sometimes....but mostly frustrated that the cutting was so poor. I assumed it was just me and the nature of the machine. I tried replacing the cutting mat and the cutting blade...but to no avail...

Finally, after reading several things online about how much Silhouette owners just loved their machine, I got to thinking maybe it wasn't I called the customer service line and left a message.

With in 30 minutes, they called me back and discussed my problems with me. They were so helpful and really nice, ensuring me that it wasn't user error and they wanted me to love my machine. They sent a small replacement part for me to try, and in a snap...the machine cuts perfectly! I guess it pays to ask...

But really, in this day and age I was surprised at how easy dealing with their customer service was. I mean, am I wrong, usually you can't even get a sales person at a store (high end or low) to help solve a problem face to face...I could grip about customer service all day (usually) but today I am happy that my machine cuts heavy cardstock like a knife through warm butter.

Here is a quick layout of Rooster I did using my Silhouette to cut the title and hearts...enjoy!

And because I am feeling guilty that Rusty is the only fur-baby not yet posted here, here is Rusty (ain't he a doll!):

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