Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Paper Pieced Present

I have a love-hate relationship with foundation paper piecing.

Foundation Paper Piecing by Cafemama/CC BY

I love the look of the perfect points....

 Paper Pieced Star for Sandy by Sakuraboy/CC BY

 I love collecting the patterns...I even love starting the pattens...

But they aren't "get-rich-quick" patterns...and often tedium sets in and the unfinished pieces languish in the UFO pile.

I started a wonderful Snow White pattern for my neice...back in January.  I didn't get it finished in time for her birthday in late February....had a sewing machine break-down in March...not to mention a number of excuses as to why I couldn't possible finish it on my trusty back-up featherweight sewing machine...

but this weekend...

I finally gathered up all the parts and tiny pieces and forced myself to finish.

It only took about three hours to finish the paper piecing part...

Tear off the foundation paper, add some embroidery, borders and turn it into a pillow.

 With a cute little "Sweet Dreams" label

And I love it!

A note about the pattern...AWESOME!  I came across the site, Fandom in Stitches several months ago and love their fun-fan patterns; I totally need me a Minion!

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  1. Oh MY Goodness, you are back to blogging…I was so happy to see a comment from you on my blog.
    I kept checking on you, but you went AWAL for so long, I had thought you had quit blogging.
    I hope everything was alright with you.
    This quilted pillow is lovely..and looks like a lot of work.
    I have done a bit of quilting, I do sew. But this piecing looks difficult and very time consuming, but soooo worth it. It came out beautifully.
    So happy to see you back :)