Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello Tomorrow!

I have been telling myself for months (about 24 months) to get back here and check in...but, just as it is so easy to do, I said, "tomorrow".  Well...

"Hello, Tomorrow!"

So, after two years and two-hundred and seventy six are you? 

Me, I'm doing good...workin' hard, livin' life and craftin' as much as I can!  As far as family-life goes (human, feline and canine) we've had our ups and downs, hellos and tearful good-byes...but each day is a treat, and usually good for a few belly laughs.

Hello, Joe!

I've seriously slowed down on the paper-crafting front.  I still check in on my fav paper-crafters to see what's up...and what's new, but I haven't done much more than an occasional card and odd little mini-album.

Christmas Cards...with springy-moving reindeer

I have gotten back into my sewing groove, though...big time!

Faux Cathedral window Christmas Quilt

Quilts, pouches, pillows, handbags, towels, totes, place mats...and baby shoes (for my friends first grand-daughter)!

For Loralai's tiny toes
Ruffled Towels and Potholders

...if it involves thread and needle, I'm in!

French Knot Sheep Zippered Pouch
I am buying clothing fabrics and patterns like I actually had confidence to make them.

Please don't judge me...'s an addiction!

I have as many started quilts...

All labeled and ready to go...

as I have finished...and enough fabric to comfortably, and warmly, cover Northern California in quilts!

A Quilt for Trish
Oh, and Spring-cleaning is slowly evolving into a bit of a re-decoration of our house! I am drunk with Pinterest decorating ideas and how-tos!  Bring on the tiffany-blue, shabby-chic, retro, suburban-county, modern-urban, Ikea-hacked, palletted hand-made vintage upcycled decor!  I have a glue-gun and paint brush...I can handle anything!

middle column, third we have a winner?

So...check back, if you are still there, I'll be back with all my grand ideas!


  1. Love it!!!! I keep saying I need to get back on here. How do we squeeze it all in. If you have a solution let me know, LOL

  2. Just had to check out your first post back :)
    Your quilts and sewing projects are stunning. Love those little baby booties, adorable.
    My sewing machine is buried in stuff. But my plan was to totally clean out the area and make it into a sewing area…not a big one though :(

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