Sunday, April 20, 2014

Breakfast (in bed) at Tiffany's

There are oodles and oodles of blog posts written about color.

There are books, magazine articles, classes and lectures about color.

The only thing I have to add to the discussion is...

Ack!  Why is it so hard to pick a paint color!

I mean, I know what I like...bright and cheery and saturated.  But that all goes out the window when confronted (and I mean that in the most threatening sense of the word) by the hundreds of colors in deceptively neat little swatches in the paint department.

I walked into Home Depot with my paint color decision made...a dusty-turquoise with a french grey accent.  I boldly went to the paint sample section and confidently bought my samples...all six of them in ever so slight variations.  (I was like a kid in the candy store!)

I was so confident in my choices that I waited three weeks before trying the samples on the wall...I mean, I know what I want, this is a no will be gorgeous.

Until, it wasn't.  The samples turned out to be dark, dingy and depressing.

So back to HD...I will just pick lighter brainer, it will be gorgeous...

Well  dark, dingy and depressing quickly went to cloying, cutesy and pastel!  Ugh!

Alright, I squeezed one more quick trip to the paint department in...and got Three. More. Samples.

At this rate, and with 12 samples hanging out on the dinning room table, I may open up a sample paint store!

So the latest three may be the final three...maybe...I am leaning towards the one in the center column, third row down.

It is called Sweet Rhapsody, by Behr paints and is VERY close to matching the color on my Tiffany & Co. box.

I may try one or two more colors close to this one, just to make sure...I mean, I love me a good Tiffany blue, especially when it has a nice Tiffany necklace inside...but I never thought of myself as a girl who would paint her bedroom Tiffany Blue...although it is definitely bright cherry and saturated. any opinions?  Aqua Bay or Sweet Rhapsody?

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  1. I'm about 4 years too late, but I'm strongly considering painting my accent wall Sweet Rhapsody thanks to these pictures! :)