Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kitty Update

Well, this batch of kitties has been a bit of a trial.

We thought we had panleukopenia (a feline version of parvo)...but thankfully it wasn't! Unfortunately, we lost a kitten to "fading kitten syndrome".

...which I think is a completely unreasonable and inaccurate name for the syndrome. Basically, fading kitten is simply that...a kitten that fails to thrive and eventually passes. Well, in reality the name should be changed to "helplessly hopelessly unable to save your kitten syndrome"! It was heart breaking, but thankfully wasn't anything contagious and all the other kittens are doing fine.

In fact, our little Buddy reached his two pound weight goal and was sent off this Tuesday to be neutered and adopted out! He's a real cutey!

And we picked up a new member for the gang...Snickers (sorry, no picture just yet, I don't think she has stood still for more than two seconds since Tuesday!)

The sister to our little lost kitty was quarantined for ten days...which was actually a blessing in disguise for her. She was so shy yet aggressive to handling at the beginning of the quarantine, but by the third day was rolling on her back for belly rubs. She is now one of the friendliest kitties we have. Oreo is just a doll!

And little Lizzy finally made it over a pound! She is currently weighing in at about 1lb. 4oz....and growing!

I will update on Monday (or Tuesday...or Wednesday...given time) everyone's new weight...we have our big weekly weigh-in (real Weight Watcher's style) on Friday evenings...oh, what fun!

And for anyone in the Farifield, California area looking to adopt a post-kitten pre-teen cat...I have the scoop on four very adorable loving hand-raised spayed/neutered vaccinated and well-adjusted cats! Just send me an email!

Beaver...a super sweet cat! (this picture is about a month old...but he is still very handsome!)

June Bug...with Beaver in the background and either Whitey or Grizzly in the foreground...

Remember...spay and neuter your pets!

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  1. I am not showing these pictures to my daughters. They want a kitty, but I don't think our 14 yr old cat Rose would appreciate it.