Friday, October 8, 2010

Frugal Friday: Mini Album


Okay, for this week I am going to do something different...actually something I didn't think I would do...that is, post a link to someoneelse's tutorial. But the more I contemplated my schedule (hectic) and the more I watched the video (totally cool), I realized I needed to be frugal with my time (if that makes sense) and just let you all see this awesome tutorial.

This crafter, Laura at The Paper Trail, is my new guru for recycled crafting and found object scrapping. She is the queen of frugal!

Her mini album is made from nothing but found objects, recycled bits and baubles (including plastic grocery store bags!) and a bit from her stash!

I watched the video a couple of times, and am completely amazed at how lovely her "Happiness Found" album looks!

I compiled a list of all the found/recycled objects, and can you believe it, there are 14 different things!

Here's the list:
corrugated cardboard
scrap paper
plastic grocery bags
bread tabs
UPC code from FedEx package
old floral arrangement
blue jeans tags
tin can lid
pop can tab
Capri Sun juice pouch
fortune cookie fortunes
library card pockets
concentrated orange juice top

This is the link to the video 'walk-thru' of the mini album

And this is the link to the video about the plastic awesome!

It inspires me to try something similar...just walk through the house and see what I can find to use in a mini!

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