Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finishing up...

I had a whole weekend to myself...and had great plans for finishing up all the lingering projects I have hanging around...

I won't bore you with the looooong list, suffice it to say, the list is only slightly shorter now...

But it is shorter!

I put the final touches, i.e. journaling and binding, on my Tahoe Bike Trail mini album...

You may remember little June Bug helping me with this back in August...

Well here are the final results!

I used SEI papers and embellishments from their August Kit Club (sorry the papers are exclusive to club members...and even then, I just checked, and the kit is sold out).

The book is 6" X 8", and it was fun to mount the pictures edge to edge on the pages.

I inked up everything! Patterned paper, pictures and pages! Unfortunately, it got a little messy, and some pages are a bit smudged.

I used some free downloadable travel themed embellishments on the pages...I think they are from Scrapbooks Etc. online...

I also pulled out my bag of bling...and added something to just about every page!

My fav little embellishment is this cute water splat from Cloud 9...I just love it!

And I think I am in love with making paper rosettes! This was my first one and I loved how it turned out...although it took FOREVER to make...I just started using my score board to make them and have cut the time from 30 minutes to about five!

And a quick update on the kitties...everyone (except Lizzy) is getting ready for spay/neuter on Thursday, and then ready for adoption!

All healthy as horses...and eating me out of house and home!

Little Lizzy is still not quite 2lbs, so she won't be available for another couple of weeks...the better for me!

Ain't she sweet!


  1. What great ideas to do with the kit! Thanks for sharing!

  2. awww, love your kitties!

    and you album is fabulous!

  3. The kitties are getting bigger, but still so cute.
    Your mini is beautiful. I just started making these rossettes or medallions, they are addicting.