Monday, May 3, 2010

Fresh Vegtables...and Other Painful Gardening Stories

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I finally got my raised bed vegetable garden started this weekend! Yeah! I can already taste the Pico De Gallo!

Actually, I planted the seeds for the garden back in March in an indoor Jiffy Greenhouse...and I watered faithfully, and gave them TLC...and they sprouted beautifully!

But then the rain just wouldn't stop...and building the raised beds just got put off week after week! The poor little sprouts were getting way too big for the greenhouse...

I finally got the garden site cleared a couple weekends ago and ordered the topsoil (3 cubic yards!) to be delivered Saturday it was 'go time' this weekend...

We built the beds, leveled and staked them and filled them with lovely fresh was a beautiful sight!

I planted all the little sprouts and labeled every row...and within an hour, everything had wilted!

So now I have two beautiful raised beds full of dying veggies! Sigh...I am going to give them a lot more TLC over the next couple of days...and see if they bounce back...if not, I will have to replace them with pre-started plants from the garden center...because I WILL HAVE FRESH PICO DE GALLO this year!

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  1. I am seeing these raised flower beds every where. They are so cool. I want to do one. But I kill plants.
    Good luck with yours.