Friday, May 14, 2010

Frugal Friday...and Other Uses for Bread Tabs

Hello is a re-posting of my Frugal Friday post over at The Everyday Scrapper...

A while ago I was surfing the net…checking out new products and I came across these cute tabs from Nikki Sivils website…bread(less) tabs…how cute are they!?!? She really has a cute line of products!

Well, at the time I was on a no spending kick and thought I would try using the tabs I had around the house…yes, really…around the house, on the floor, under the couch…as long as I could wrestle one or two away from the cats (they love batting them around on the tile floors and diving after them like they are wild prey!)

So I played around a bit and came up with these ideas…

Paper Covered: Super easy! Just apply glue to one side of the tab, adhere to paper, let dry and trim out!

Paint: Originally I used Distress Paint that has a crackle finish, but this didn’t work; the crackle shrunk the paint so much that it came right off! I re-tried painted it with a thick gloopy coat of plain acrylic, and it dried just fine.

Inked: I used Alcohol inks…pretty cool and super easy, just added a drop of each color and let them blend together.

Glittered: Just apply a thick coat of white glue, sprinkle on the glitter rather liberally and let dry. I sprayed the dried glittered tab with a matte sealer to keep the glitter flakes under control.

Here is a look at my samples (note the dark brown paint sample is still drying…but as of this morning it is dried with no signs of paint flaking!)

And here is a page layout I made, using the first sample I ever made, a paper covered tab…

(click on the picture for a bigger view....I know the tab is kinda hard to see here...)

So here’s the tally…

Cost: $2-ish for the bread (but that doesn’t count since we needed it anyway…right)

Cats Annoyed: 1 (I promise, Rooster, you can have the plastic tabs from the milk carton – ‘cause I can’t think of a scrapping use for them…yet)

Time: just a few minutes (anytime scrapping is well worth the effort)

Skill Level: basic

'Til next Friday...Cheap! Cheap!

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  1. Ohh I love thirfty ideas. I really like the sparkely one.