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National Scrappbook Day Blog Hop...and Other Fun "The Everyday Scrapper" Stuff!

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I am stop #7 on The Everyday Scrappers’ National Scrapbook Day Blog Hop!

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I am including a give-away for those of you that become a follower of my Blog and complete the mini project tutorial. Just come back here by May 8th, and leave a second comment on this post with a link to a picture of your completed mini and I will choose a winner, at random, to receive a special mini book, made by me…

Or, for those of you who would like, you can post a picture of yo
ur completed mini on The Everyday Scrapper forum, here: Catinthegrass Challenge, just be sure to leave a comment letting me know where to find your mini!

Prize: mini travel album (5 1/2" X 3")

Now on to my tutorial…

Lately I have been on a mini-book/album kick and am really enjoying finding projects to make and give-away that use up my stash. This tutorial is a mini-pocket album that I came up with which uses only a few supplies that I know we all have lying around…

The finished dimensions of the mini are 4” X 3”, and each internal pocket is perfectly sized to slip in ATC cards, gift cards or small school pictures.

Materials List:

1 piece 12X12 patterned paper (double-sided and heavier weighted)

Glue (Aileen’s, ZipDry or Glue Stick)

Double-sided tape

Bone Folder (or butter knife – no sharp edge)

Paper cutter

Ribbon (2 pieces 18” each)

For covers:

Chipboard scraps and thin weight patterned paper scraps

1) Cut the 12X12 patterned paper into three pieces, as follows:

Cut two pieces that measure 12” X 5¼”

Your remaining piece will measure 12” X 1½”

2) Fold the two 12” X 5¼” pieces as follows:

a. Fold in half and crease with a bone folder. To make sure the fold is even; I line up the edges to my fingernail and creasing in the center of the fold, and then run the bone folder up and down the crease.

b. Take the top flap and fold it back on itself, lining up the fore edge with the center fold, again creasing in the center first and then running the bone folder up and down the crease.

c. Turn the section over so the second fold is now on the bottom, and fold the top flap back on itself, lining up this fore edge with the center fold, again creasing in the center first and then running the bone folder up and down the crease.

You now have one section of the accordion folded, when viewed from above it should look like the letter “M”.

d. Repeat these folds with the second piece of 12” X 5¼” paper. You now have 2 letter “M”s.

3) Using the remaining 12” X 1½” piece of your paper, cut one piece that measures 5¼” X 1½”, this will be the hinge that will connect the two “M” sections of the accordion.

4) Fold the hinge piece in half length-wise.

5) Apply adhesive, I used double-sided tape, to the inside of the hinge fold, the valley side. Place the two accordion sections in front of you so that they make two letter “M”s. Adhere the hinge to the fore edge of the two flaps that are in the middle.

6) Unfold the long accordion (now 24” X 5¼”) and mark a score line 1¼” up from the bottom.

7) Fold this section up and crease along the score line. Apply adhesive, again I used double-sided tape, at each end of the pocket making sure to adhere no more than ¼” of the edge.

8) Re-fold the accordion along the vertical fold lines. This may take a bit of re-creasing as the pocket portion of the accordion will now be folded in the opposite direction. Set the accordion to the side and let’s make the covers.

9) Cut two chipboard pieces 3⅛” X 4⅛”, and two pieces of patterned paper, for covering the chipboard, 4⅛” X 5⅛”.

10) Apply adhesive to the backside of the patterned paper and center the chipboard on the paper, making sure you have an equal ½” turn-in on all four sides. Trim a 45˚ angle at the four corners, leaving a scant 1/16” over-cut.

To adhere the patterned paper to the chipboard I used Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive (it has a low water content), but a glue stick, Aileen’s Tacky Glue, Modge Podge, or ZipDry will work. Avoid using Elmer’s white glue, as the high water content will wrinkle your patterned paper and really warp your chipboard. (Some warping is to be expected and can be rectified by placing the covers under heavy objects while they dry.)

12) Fold over the turn-ins on the top and bottom of the chipboard. Using your bone folder press down the scant 1/16” over cut at all four corners and then fold over the remaining turn-ins at the sides.

13) Cut the ribbon into two equal pieces, 18” long, and adhere to the inside of the covers; I used double-sided tape.

14) Lastly, apply adhesive to the first flap of the accordion and adhere it to the cover, centering it so that there is 1/16” overhang on all sides. And repeat for the back cover.

15) Wrap the ribbons around the mini twice so they meet back at the fore edge and tie.

Special thanks to my friends, foxyscrappr (brown and green mini sample) and scrappingdrgn (blue and pink mini sample), for testing out my instructions!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this…and are going to make one for yourself. Remember, come back here to this post by May 8th and leave a comment saying that you finished the project (and feel free to include accolades on how great the tutorial was…LOL) and leave a link to where your mini’s picture is posted! I really look forward to seeing what you have created!

And here is a quick note from Catherine at The Everyday Scrapper...

Since no National Scrapbooking Day is complete without some SALES.... we are also hosting our very first TES Scrapbooking Online Party through Ann's MemoryWorks website, where you can pick up LOADS of awesome supplies at great prices!


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Sounds good?! I think so!!! The prize is just too yummy to pass up!

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