Friday, January 6, 2017

The Finishes of 2016

Okay...I'm not very good at keeping up with blogging...

...which led me to miss the not only the 3rd Quarter 2016 Finish-A-Longs...sigh...but also the 4th Quarter.

Sigh...[insert sound of palm hitting forehead]

But in the spirit of end of the year wrap-ups...(only six days late)...I did make my goal of having only 40 (yes 4-0) UFOs remaining on my list at midnight on December 31st.

Tiny quilt from MSQ tutorial
Yay me!

Another finish from a MSQ Tutorial
On January 1st, I had 61 unfinished various stages from "cut but not pieced" to "finished flimsy" all the way to one that "just needs binding".


By December 31st, I had finished: (drum-roll please)

3 Bed-sized quilts (one twin and two king)

My 1st King size quilt!

19 Lap quilts

Big Lap Quilt

10 Small quilts (think wall size to cat size...or baby size, whatever)

Started at QuiltCon...finished for Rooster (the cat on the right)

That's a total of 32 finished quilts...29 quilted by me and 3 quilted by credit card (thanks MSQ and Sew Shabby Quilting!)

Quilted by Me!  (from this awesome pattern)

Also...I purged some really old fabric stash (to friends and charity) and 13 UFO projects that were just never going to get finished (again to friends and charity)...let's be honest, tastes change.

Speaking of really old UFOs, the 2016 finish that wins the prize for being the oldest (started in 1997!) is this tiny Irish Chain, which now keeps my washing machine nice and dust free!  Thank you!

An oldy...but goody (37"square...and it took 19 years to finally finish!)

I also may have sort of maybe did add 24 quilts to the list this year...(I wanna make all the quilts!)

Added...AND finished this year!
So here is 2016's score sheet...
61 UFO's
-32 Finishes
-13 Deletions
+24 Additions
40 Remaining

Yay me!
I think I need to work on my picture taking skills

Let's see what 2017 can do for this...

Tops ready to be basted, quilted and bound...


  1. You are amazing, I just can't seem to find the time. Then again maybe I could but I don't want to give up the other fun stuff. I think my favorite photographed quilt is the purple one. Ok I fib, I love them all. Can't wait to see what we work on this year.

  2. Thanks! The purple one was fun to quilt...and easy FMQ pattern that helped me learn to control my speed.