Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 First Quarter Finish-A-Long

Okay...I'm gearing up for the 1st Quarter Finish-A-Long...

I spent a few minutes hours last night and looked over my UFO list...and visited with the projects in my Sewing Room...and got very distracted, because everything I took out to photograph I wanted to start working on right away..but finally narrowed my list down to something I can focus on for the next three months.

This time I didn't just throw all of my UFO's into the pot...

I picked ten items to focus on...

Cherry Tweet, by Chitter Chatter Designs
There is a lot of applique in this pattern...I have a lot of projects that are UFOs because of appliqueing...I love the look, just not the work, but now that my sewing machine has a blanket stitch I am vowing to finish this quilt!  ...side note...this is all flannel, I have a feeling the 90"x90" top will be very heavy!

Clovers, by Fig Tree & Co.
I started this quilt in 2012...with a lot of very old (and quite few ugly) fabrics, but overall I like the I'm gonna plug along.

HST Diamonds (no pattern, just a layout)
This is just a simple quilt made of HSTs in some cute fabrics.  The black fabric has black cats on it with pink ears and green eyes!

2014 Fat Quarter Shop Mystery BOM
...So close to finishing this (shaking head) close, just two more blocks to go.  Most of the top is already put together and waiting for the last stars...but don't we all have those UFOs?  The ones that we can't understand why we stopped working on when they are so close to being finished?  Don't we?

Snapshots, by Fat Quarter Shop
...another one so so very close to being finished...four blocks to go on this one.  Luckily the pieces are cute and ready to be sewn...

Scrappy Trip, by Bonnie Hunter
This is the second Scrappy Trip quilt I am making (I can report the first has been finished and is currently being used).  I've kinda puttered with this quilt, adding strips of red and white as I come across them, never really paying too much attention to how many partial blocks (the ones on the left) I have...but I think I have plenty to get a decent sized throw out them...time to move this little doggie along...

Strip Quilt
This is a scrappy quilt I put together to practice play with free motion quilting on.  I got a copy of Angela Walters' Shape by Shape II book and Christa Watson's Machine Quilting with Style for I'm itching to get this under the needle!

Hexagon Baby Quilt
Scrappy quilt...destined for a friend's grandbaby...I'm thinking flowers maybe...

Pillow from Perennial Star, by American Jane
This is just one feathered star from Sandy Klops' pattern...the stars finish about 20"square.  I'm using wool batting ('cause it's fluffy) and ideas from Shape by Shape II to turn this into a wintertime throw pillow for the bed.  I guess that makes this a Perennial Snowflake then...

Hand Sewn Henry, by Me (based on my cat Henry)
And this is the world's oldest UFO...okay maybe not the world's oldest, but definitely mine.  I started this back in the good ol' days of the mid-nineties.  The top is entirely hand pieced,  but for the life of me I don't know why?  I had a really nice fairly new Pfaff back then...but I have several quilt tops that are hand-pieced...and I need to add, hand-pieced very poorly!  Maybe I was sewing them while commuting on BART?  Who knows...  This top had everything on it but the appliqued flowers (again with the applique) when I pulled it out on New Year's day.  I cut out some flowers, stems and leaves, got the shapes turned under and tacked into place...and then hand sewn on with a blanket stitch and embroidery floss all while binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix...woo-hoo!  And last night I started the hand-quilting...'cause it needs to be entirely hand-sewn, right?

So that's it...ten UFOs to work on for this quarter...wish me and all of the 2017 1st Quarter FALers  good luck!

And a collage for the link-up party...
Scrappy Trip, 2014 FQS BOM, Perennial Star Pillow, Hexagon Baby, Hand-pieced Henry, Snapshots, Clovers, HST Diamonds, Cherry Tweet

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