Thursday, July 7, 2016

2nd Quarter Finish A Long Re-Cap

Here's a quick recap of how I did during the 2nd Quarter of the's not too shabby, if you ask me...

Starting List (42):
Hand-Dyed Stars, Big Hexies, Ribbon Box, Zig Zag Diamonds, Apple Stars, Snapshots, HST Pinwheels, 2014 Mystery BOM, Strip-Pieced Mini, Penny Candy, Angie's TV Dinner, Baby Star, Brown & Blue UFO, Line Dancing, Oh, My Stars, Oh, Americana!, Chevron Cats, New Year's Stripes and Squares, OHO, Shiny Happy Dog & Cat (softies), Cherry Tweet, Hand Quilted Postage Stamp, Flowering Snowball, Log Cabin, Cricket's TV Dinner, Batik 1600 Quilt, Mystery Quilt, Ribbon Box, December 26th, Abundance, Bee in My Bonnet Row Along, Celtic Solstice, Aunt Ruth's BOM, Perennial Stars, My TV Dinner, Bonnie's Blooms, Yoyoville, Clover, Ferndale Flora, Starry Log Cabin, The Big Easy and Hand-pieced Henry.

Finished (6):
Ribbon Box, Strip-pieced Mini, Penny Candy, Angie's TV Dinner, Oh, Americana! and Abundance

Deleted/Donated (3):
Baby Star, Celtic Solstice, The Big Easy (definitely was the big ugly)

Remaining, but made progress (6):
Apple Stars
The top is pieced...and the paper is mostly removed
Line Dancing
Just need to attach the binding...

New Year's Stripes and Squares
The top and backing are all pieced...

Changed this to a small quilt, too many blocks weren't square (need to practice my curved piecing)...and I got the FMQ started...

Shiny Happy Cat and Dog
Shiny Happy Daisy & Shiny Happy Bonnie need shirts!

Bonnie's Blooms
I got the flowers cut and pinned on...but I'm not feeling much love for this project anymore...hmm, donation maybe?

And least you  think I was good and didn't add any new projects to my they are:

Oops...[insert shameful winking eye emoji]...Added UFO's (5):

Chunky Blue and Gold (stash buster)
 Dapper Dan (stash buster)
 Starburst from MSQC tutorial (stash buster)
 Leslie's Geese
Adore (and I do...)
I have already started FMQ this one...and am having a lot of fun!  I'm debating on whether or not to make each "leaf's" quilting the same or unique...

I also did a little re-organizing, stash thinning and quilt-top wrangling...
They all look so nice hanging in a row...I certainly have my work cut out for me!

Check back tomorrow for my 3rd Quarter List of UFO's...