Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March Tally...and Other Crafty Things

So March has come to a close (actually...six days ago...) and I finally got around to looking at what crafty things I did this month. Not much..hmm? In my defense...I also spent oodles of time pulling weeds and starting a flower garden and vegetable patch...I do have other hobbies!

I finished:
4 knitted washcloths (I swear I will use ALL of the cotton skeins I bought...even if it breaks my little fingers!)
12 cards (I think I am done swapping cards for awhile)
1 flapper dress (complete with six rows of fringe!)
1 fabric tied basket (the last one for awhile...)
3 flapper headbands
3 scrapbook layouts (not so much scrapping this month!)

The flapper dress and headbands were for a Roaring 20's themed fundraiser for my friend's son's elementary school. We had a blast, and everyone looked fabulous! But I must say...we were the bee's knees!

I volunteered at the Pleasanton Scrapbook Expo two days, and had loads of fun! And the shopping, whew, I did not stick to the low budget this month! But I picked up a few things I had really been wanting and met a lot of really nice people at the vendors booths...a great day, topped off with hours upon hours of scrapping with my friends (yet I only finished three pages?!?!?)

These are pictures I took at the X Street Antiques fair...

Pictures of what I do....

Picture of my Rusty...helping me knit! (I scraplifted this layout from....I can't remember right now, but I will come back later and give credit, where credit is due...EDIT 4/14/10:here is the original I scraplifted from: Sweet, by...okay, I tried, but I can't find the artists name...sorry, all I know is she designs for Crate Paper and has a super cute little girl)

All in all, a great month...and a wonderful start to the gardening season!


  1. Wow it sounds like you had a full month of creativity. Love your outfits. You should show the whole dress.

  2. Awww I just read the comment you left on my blog. You are the sweetest. Glad I could keep you from your work LOL.

  3. I left you some sunshine on my blog...humm now I do look like a stalker LOL.