Sunday, April 1, 2018

Finish No. 6 - 1st Q

This is the 1st of the last two of the five pillowcases on my 1st Quarter Finish-Along list...whew that was a mouthful...

Let's just call them the pillowcases that match my Feathered Bed quilt (I finished in 2016) made with all sorts of Denise Schmidt fabrics..

Or just the green plaid pillowcases...

Some Stats for the quilt:
Size: Standard Pillow
Quilting: None
Started: 03/31/18
Finished: 03/31/18 (nothing like waiting until the 11th hour!)
Fabric Used: Denise Schmidt and some basic brown cross-hatch from JoAnn's

This makes finish #6 for 2018...and 14 remaining on the 1st Quarter FAL List.

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