Friday, April 15, 2016

2016 2nd Quarter Finish-A-Long

I am throwing my hat in the ring and joining the 2016 Finish-A-Long.

My list of UFOs is long...oh, so long...but I have made a commitment this year to make a serious dent in the pile.  Of course I want to have them all finished, but I realize a lot of the projects have fallen out of favor with me.  Some projects are a decade old...some just a few years, but tastes change, skills evolve and some are just plain boring to work on.

I'm hoping by the end of the year to have put a little more work into each project so I can decide if I want to plug through to the end...or scrap the project and chalk it up to a good experience.

So to that end, last night I went through and visited with forty-two of my unfinished projects...

Hand-Dyed Stars, Big Hexies, Ribbon Box, Zig Zag Diamonds, Apple Stars, Snapshots, HST Pinwheels, 2014 Mystery BOM, Strip-Pieced Mini, Penny Candy, Angie's TV Dinner, Baby Star, Brown & Blue UFO, Line Dancing, Oh, My Stars, Oh, Americana, Chevron Cats, New Year's Stripes and Squares, OHO, Shiny Happy Dog & Cat (softies), Cherry Tweet, Hand Quilted Postage Stamp, Flowering Snowball, Log Cabin, Cricket's TV Dinner, Batik 1600 Quilt, Mystery Quilt (I need to find the name of the pattern), Ribbon Box, December 26th, Abundance, Bee in My Bonnet Row Along, Celtic Solstice, Aunt Ruth's BOM, Perennial Stars, My TV Dinner, (in the boxes, partial tops) Bonnie's Blooms, Yoyoville, Clover, Ferndale Flora, Starry Log Cabin, The Big easy (or big ugly) and last but not least...Hand-pieced Henry

One of my biggest problems is my attention span, some nights after work it's about 15 minutes I really have no idea what project is going to spark my energy.  My solution...I added almost everything to my 2nd Quarter list!

Check out the other 2ndQ FALers...

Here's hoping by June 30th, all our lists are shorter!  


  1. Thank you Christine, you made me feel better about how many UFOs I have. Not including my row by rows.... But I'm like you, I want to make a dent in some that are three years old. I just should stop starting new ones! The rule is I have to finish two quilts before I buy or plan a new one. It helps to be part of this to get the new inspirations!

    1. Nicole...I love the idea of finishing two before I start a new one! I think I will try to implement that...

  2. 15 minutes is 15 minutes - they all add up! There are some great projects here. Happy finishing!

  3. 42!!! Good luck with your list. I feel so much happier having had a good finish this last week. Isn't it funny how making list can really motivate you?!

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