Thursday, April 14, 2011

My New Samples Mini Book...

I put the final touches on my new samples book over the past weekend.

I love making sample's very satisfying to take inventory of all my products and try each and everyone out. The basic purpose of the book is two-fold:

First, I have a list of what I already own (so no more duplicates!).

Secondly, it works great as a guide when I am trying to choose colors for a project.

My book measures 5 1/2 inches square (this is the project that lead to all this strips of paper that finally became my Garden Mini Album).

I added a couple of chipboard covers and spiral bound the book.

I created tabbed sections for each type or brand of products...

And added a sample of the product.

For my mists, I sprayed each one onto a blank Avery address label sheet and used a circle punch to cut out each sample.

For my glitters and flock I used a Zot to adhere the samples. I simply placed a Zot down, sprinkled on the glitter or flock, pressed with my fingers to get good contact and shook off the excess...

After all the glitter and flock samples were placed, I lightly sprayed the page with a sealer so the glitter and flock wouldn't flake off.

In the end the whole process really gave me a good look at what I had "in stock". I had completely forgotten about my Twinklette glitter pens, and since adding them to the sample book, they are more in the front of my mind and I find I reach for them more often now.

Deborah, over at Lily Pad Cards' blog posted a great sample book earlier this week. Her book is housed in a 3-ring binder...which I think is she can add, remove and rearrange her pages.

Although I can't add, remove or rearrange pages without re-binding the whole book...I really loved being able to play around with all sorts of paints, inks, embossing powders, rub-ons, stamps and papers (Basic Grey's Steampunk Debutante) for my cover...

I guess I need to keep my eye open for a binder I can alter!


  1. Not only is your book beautiful, it is also functional.
    Do you keep looking at it and flipping through the pages? I would :)

    I have seen a book that houses techniques, I may try that, as I end up throwing my pieces of paper away. This way I could take notes as I am doing them.

  2. Hey, there, Christine! I really like what I'm seeing here - great minds DO think alike, and I suspect we are both BRILLIANT!

    Not that I'm biased or anything. (Hee-hee!)

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful book. This is one thing I need to address on my own book covers - mine are very boring and plain.

    Don't you just love Glue Dots? (They appeal to the anal-retentive aspect of my character.) But I never thought about coating my glitter and flocking dots, etc with a fixative. (I smacked my head the minute I read you did this and thought, "Duuuuuh!")

    I'll be adding more pages and PDF's at Lily Pad each month, so I'll definitely mention your fixative trick!

    Thanks so very much for sharing, Christine - keep those comments a'comin' - I love 'em!