Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Boxes...

Wow! I have had a really hectic fall this year. I just can't seem to stay on top of blog posting...but I have been getting lots of crafting done and adopting out the foster kittens and hosting holidays and I even manged to get some work done at the office too!

So I sat down last night and made myself a little list...a 'things to remember to finish' list...

And on that list was updating my Blog (over the next week or so) of all the fun scrapbooking and mini album things I have been working on.

I always try to make something for my family, friends and co-workers at Christmastime. This year I made these cute little Christmas Boxes.

I made ten all together...but some of them have already been given away...

I cut the boxes using my Silhouette, stamped up the drawers with my fav wood-grain stamp,

Added tiny (hand stained) wooden drawer pulls and feet

And decorated the top with a little 'timholtz-esque' mini tag, poinsettia and much fun!

When Jon saw me working on the final touches for these...he asked what they were...

"Just boxes..."

"Oh...are you gonna put anything inside?..."

"Uh, no...I wasn't planning on it..."

" it's just a box..."


"Oh...(long pause)...are there anymore brownies left (as he walks away perplexed)?"

Okay, so then I worried, thought maybe I should fill it with something from the dollar bin at Michael's...but once I started looking at the dollar bin stuff, I didn't see anything that I thought would fit, or that I liked (surprise?!??!)...maybe I should just put a dollar in the box instead of wasting my money at Michael's...

In the end, I left them empty, but I guess I could tell everyone they are filled with good wishes and Christmas cheer...

Either way...Kody really likes them!

By the way, Kody...what are you doing on the dinning-room table? Scat Cat!

"Who? Me? I'm innocent!"


  1. Your boxes filled with good wishes and Christmas Cheer are really pretty. I laughed at Jon's response, ya men just don't get it sometimes lol.
    Missed your comments on my blog.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I don't think you would ever be like one of those hoarders that hoard animals, because you love them too much. I was almost crying watching these poor animals suffer.
    I wanted to check on your 2peas page and when I clicked it it came to my page?
    Is that suppose to happen? I want to see your page.