Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lots of crafting...not so much posting...

Well I have been getting a lot of crafting done lately...especially with the foster kitties in the studio...

Really, I have...

I go out and spend at least an hour or two each evening after work visiting with them and scrapping...

And I have a new scrap-buddy...June Bug!

She is really...helpful. Helpful and stealing small scraps of paper, really helpful in laying on top of my supplies to make sure they don't float away...

....and really helpful with keeping me completely entertained!

I may not be working very fast, but at least I am working!

The project she is helping me with, in the pictures, is a mini album of the pictures I took in Tahoe on the Lake Tahoe bike trail...I am so close to being finished with it...just a bit of journaling left to do...I will post it later this week.

I also made this card a few weeks ago, without June Bugs help, for my niece's 5th birthday. My niece asked for art supplies for her birthday...and who better to ask than crafty aunt-y catinthegrass!

I found the cute little crayon die-cut in the Silhouette store and immediately knew I needed to cut some for her card!

I am finishing up the scrap layout from her party...and used another crayon die-cut on it...I will upload the picture tomorrow!

Here's to being busy!

1 comment:

  1. That card is adorable.
    Good for you for getting your crafting on :)
    Looks like the kitty was painting in that picture teehee