Monday, August 23, 2010

A fun Mini...I think it is lost in the mail...

Last month a friend made me the cutest little mini purse...and I love it! It is purple and green and tiny...and just adorable!

So I wanted to send her a fun mini-album in the mail as a thank you...I mean, who doesn't love to get surprise packages in the mail!

So I used my favorite go-to mini album 'recipe'...from Tracy's Treasures...and included a bunch of fun paper scraps and die-cuts...

I mailed it out at the beginning of August...just mailing it across town...but it never arrived at my friend house, and I am sad...

So...for my friend, I'm sorry...but here are the pictures of the mini I made you...

...I know it isn't the same, but next time I will hand deliver it!


  1. What a cute mini, so sad for you it never arrived to her.

  2. Thanks for the mention :)

    Ohh how sad it never got to her. This is adorable, I love it. Maybe it will show up at her door yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my post, so glad I can finally check on my blogging friends.

  3. Christine.. thank you so much for the gift I never got... lol It is so cute! Going to follow the "recipe" and try to make one myself.

  4. It's here! It's here!
    Apparently it was here all along. Mark had it buried under a bunch of junk in the garage and found it today while cleaning. Thank you so much for the little book. I just love it. I love it so much I made one of my own tonight just for fun!! Thank you again!